Customer Stories

“Whilst we need to ensure our beds provide all of the safety and health benefits that our residents may need, from rails to a range of positions, we don’t agree that beds need to look institutional. At our latest home, Castle Brook, we’ve matched the colour

of the beds to the other furniture, giving residents more control and choice over the look of their room. And we’re also putting the latest Opera® bed to the test for residents who might need a bed which can lower right down to the floor, or at least go lower than other standard profiling beds.”

Ed Russell - Innovation Director - WCS Care

"Superb, here at Brickhouse Farm Holiday Cottages in Lancashire we already have a number of Alpine profile beds. We recently needed an extra profile bed sending out urgently to assist a guest and Alpine had it with us within 24 hours.

We look forward to working with Alpine in the near future as we are having 4 more beds from them ready for our newest cottages opening this September. Thanks Alpine and here's to many good nights sleep in your beds!"

Sue Rainford – Brickhouse Farm Cottages