Guidance on VAT Relief for the Disabled

What is VAT relief for the disabled? In December 2014, VAT Notice 701/7 was released, providing VAT exemption for the disabled when buying goods designed or adapted to aid their mobility. The terms for VAT relief for the disabled are as follows; If you’re disabled or have a long-term illness, you won’t be charged VAT on products…

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Buying Guide: Opera® Profiling Beds

Profiling beds are electric care beds for elderly and disabled persons. They enable the operator to adjust the overall height of the bed as well as the backrest and legrest of the mattress platform. All electric adjustments are made through a handset control that can be used by the patient in the bed or by…

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Opera Pressure Care Mattresses

Buying Guide: Opera® Pressure Care Mattresses

Pressure care mattresses are designed for individuals that are susceptible to, or have developed, pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers (also known as bed sores) result from sustained pressure applied to the skin, often occurring when a person spends long periods of time in the same position. Individuals most at risk of developing sores are those with restricted…

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Trendelenburg and Anti-Trendelenburg Explained

The Trendelenburg position is a feature integrated into most modern-day profiling and adjustable care beds. The position involves placing the patient’s head down and elevating the feet, resulting in their whole body sloping down with the feet at the highest end. The picture below shows a high dependency bed in the Trendelenburg position with the…

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Opera Riser Recliner Chairs

Buying Guide: Alpine HC Riser Recliner Chairs

Riser recliner chairs are electric mobility chairs for the elderly and less able. They enable the user to recline in the chair for comfort as well as rise/tilt the whole chair to help them to stand. All electric adjustments are made through a handset control that is designed to be used by the person in…

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