Assembling and Installing a Hospital Profiling Bed

Hospital Bed Installation

When buying a profiling bed, a question that a lot of buyers ask is; how will the bed come and how will I install it?

The first thing to ascertain after buying the care bed is whether you want to install the bed yourself or have the bed installed for you by professional engineers. The preferable option for most is to have the bed installed for them by professionals. However, if budget does not allow for this or you just fancy having a shot at it yourself, Alpine HC’s range of hospital profiling beds are designed to be easily constructed.

Installed by professionals vs. Installed by you

A key factor with most buyers when deciding whether to have the bed installed for them or whether to install it themselves is the expense of paying professional engineers. Most care equipment suppliers will offer this service but it is will be at a cost, typically around £100. Installing the bed yourself is a good, cost-saving option if you yourself or a relative/friend is able to construct the bed. However, it is worth bearing in mind that some beds will require two people to install them.

Using a professional installation service provides you with complete peace of mind that the job will be done correctly and without hassle. The installation engineers take full responsibility for the construction and commissioning of the bed, and there is also the bonus that they will demonstrate how to use the bed.

How does the bed arrive?

Profiling Bed DeliveryBeds from Alpine HC will arrive in a compact form and are covered with a cardboard sleeve. The bed will be delivered on a pallet through a courier service, or with an installation engineer if you choose to have the bed installed for you. When the bed is in transportation mode, the components are condensed into a box with the castors remaining exposed to ensure manoeuvrability is retained. The picture to the right shows how all Opera® profiling beds are delivered.

Remember to discuss access to your property with the bed supplier. Often couriers deliver beds on large lorries that require plenty of turning space and road width to access your property.

What is involved in installing the bed myself?

Most hospital beds are relatively simple to construct. Beds like the Opera profiling range come with an easy-to-use, visual installation guide and a video demonstration of the bed being made by a professional. Requesting and watching this video before you decide whether to install the bed yourself will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Watch our Opera® Bed Video Installation Guide

It is advisable to make sure you have the help of at least one person when installing the bed as there are heavy components to lift and fit together. Once installed, if you have used a company that will provide after-purchase support, like Alpine HC, you can talk to someone about any queries you may have regarding the bed. Check out the two installation guides below, they’ll give you a really good idea of what is involved in installing a profiling bed.

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What should I expect if I opt to use service engineers?

Professional Hospital Bed InstallationWhen using service engineers to install a bed, the first thing you will need to do is arrange a suitable date and time when both you and the engineers are available. The company you buy the bed from will usually discuss this with you. Once arranged, the bed will either be delivered before the engineers get to you, or the engineers will bring the bed with them. Ensure the room where the bed is being installed is clear and ready for the bed to be installed.

An installation of one bed should take no longer than 1 hour, usually less. When the installation is completed, most engineers will dispose of all the packaging and show you how to use the functions on the bed. If you have bought a mattress with the bed, the engineers will position this as well. By using a reputable company such as Alpine HC, after purchase care and support will be provided if you need any further help with the bed.

Opera® hospital profiling bed installation guides

Below are the installation guides for the Opera range of profiling beds. The installation section is set out as a pictorial step-by-step process.

Eco Classic Download Installation Guide ProSafe Download Installation Guide
Opera® Eco/Classic Installation Guide Opera® ProSafe Installation Guide