The Difference Between Single and Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chairs

Single Motor v Dual Motor

When browsing online or in retail shops for an electric chair that reclines and rises, you will notice there is an option of single motor or dual motor riser recliner chairs. A frequent question raised by buyers is, ‘what is the difference between single and dual motor riser recliner chairs?’ This guide will highlight the differences between the two as well as comparing the benefits of each option.

Single motor chairs

A single motor riser recliner chair is where one motor controls all of the electric functions on the chair. The backrest, footrest and riser functions are all operated through a single set of buttons.

The chair can be put into a fully reclined position with the backrest reclined and footrest raised, all through pressing the recline button. By pressing the rise button, the chair moves into a raised sit-to-stand position. The backrest will rise while the footrest drops and then the whole chair will rise, all through that single motor.

Single motor rise and recline chairs are less expensive to purchase than dual motor riser chairs. The single motor operation and simplistic controls are less costly to produce and as a result are less expensive to buy.

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Dual motor chairs

As the name suggests, a dual motor riser recliner is where two motors control the chair. One motor operates the backrest whilst the other motor operates the footrest and riser function. Each motor has its own set of buttons and you will notice the chair’s handset control has 4 buttons on it.

With dual motor rise and recline chairs, the user has more flexibility in determining a position that they find comfortable. Furthermore, by reclining the backrest independently of the other functions, users can create very different seated positions to a single motor chair. This flexibility makes dual motor chairs a more popular option with elderly and disabled users.

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