Buying Guide: Opera® Profiling Beds

Profiling beds are electric care beds for elderly and disabled persons. They enable the operator to adjust the overall height of the bed as well as the backrest and legrest of the mattress platform. All electric adjustments are made through a handset control that can be used by the patient in the bed or by…

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Trendelenburg and Anti-Trendelenburg Explained

The Trendelenburg position is a feature integrated into most modern-day profiling and adjustable care beds. The position involves placing the patient’s head down and elevating the feet, resulting in their whole body sloping down with the feet at the highest end. The picture below shows a high dependency bed in the Trendelenburg position with the…

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Turning Beds for the Disabled

How to Buy a Rotating/Turning Disability Bed for the Home

A rotating/turning disability bed is a specialist medical bed for elderly and/or disabled patients that turns a mattress platform into a chair to help the user to stand. These beds are also known as turning adjustable beds, rotating chair beds, sit-to-stand beds, rotoflex beds, rota-pro beds and electric rotating beds. This guide will help you select…

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Hospital Bed Dimensions

Dimensions of a Hospital Profiling Bed

For persons seeking a hospital profiling bed for either themselves or someone in their care, questions frequently come up around the dimensions and sizing of the bed. Will the hospital bed fit into the space I have available for it? How long is the backrest section of the profiling mattress platform? How high can the…

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Bed Safety Accessories

4 Accessories for Increased Safety in Bed

Bed falls and entrapment risks are very prevalent concerns in every care environment. The results from a quick search on Google for the term ‘care home entrapment death’ is a stark reminder of just how horrific a failure to address entrapment can be. At Alpine HC, entrapment is taken very seriously, and it is always in…

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