Synergy Hybrid Pressure Mattress Video

Video: Synergy Hybrid Pressure Mattress

The video below looks at the Synergy Hybrid pressure mattress system. The mattress uses an advanced pressure relieving technology that combines both air and foam to ensure comfort and superior pressure relief. Key features include a self-adjusting cell technology, sloping heel-zone pressure relief, 240-foam node surface, and a breathable, anti-microbial cover. Learn more in this video…

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What is a riser recliner chair?

What is a Riser Recliner Chair?

A riser recliner chair is a mobility chair that helps elderly and disabled users to stand up from a seated position. These chairs are also known as rise and recliner chairs, rise recliners, chairs for the elderly, riser chairs and electric mobility chairs. An overview of riser recliner chairs A rise recliner chair is an electrically…

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Getting a Hospital Bed in your Home

How to get a Hospital Bed for your Home

When an elderly or disabled loved one requires a hospital bed at home, it may feel like a daunting proposition. There are a number of instances where a hospital bed may be needed in the home: Following discharge from hospital or a care home Medical condition requires assistive equipment Specified by a carer or occupational therapist Firstly,…

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Turning Beds for the Disabled

How to Buy a Rotating/Turning Disability Bed for the Home

A rotating/turning disability bed is a specialist medical bed for elderly and/or disabled patients that turns a mattress platform into a chair to help the user to stand. These beds are also known as turning adjustable beds, rotating chair beds, sit-to-stand beds, rotoflex beds, rota-pro beds and electric rotating beds. This guide will help you select…

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