Riser Recliner Chair Upholstery Guide

Riser Recliner Chair Upholstery Options

Upholstery is a very important part of a riser recliner chair and getting it right could be the difference between a chair you love and a chair you regret buying. There are plenty of options to consider and we recommend you read the selector guide below to ensure you make an informed decision.

Upholstery selector guide

Riser Recliner Chair
Adara Riser Recliner Chair

Firstly, you need to be confident that the supplier of your riser recliner is using quality fabrics that are both comfortable and durable. Alpine HC partner with producers of high quality, care-grade materials (see specifications below). You also want to ensure the chairs are upholstered well. The last thing you you should expect from a chair is for poor fitting material and/or loose stitching, but it is common in cheaply made chairs. Buy from a supplier who guarantees quality, and ensure the warranty on the chair is at least 18 months.

Next you need to think about the sort of usage you want the upholstery to withstand. If you are using the chair for general leisure and relaxation for a few hours in the day, fabric upholstery will be fine. However, if you plan on eating meals and sleeping in the chair, you may want a more practical option such as a leatherette. A leatherette is a faux leather that is wipe clean, durable, and is far less absorbent of liquids spilled on the chair.

Then there is the comfort aspect of upholstery. Fabrics and cloths are naturally more comfortable as they are soft and have a lot more give. Leatherettes are firmer but are more supportive. Alpine HC use soft-touch faux leathers to ensure they are as comfortable as possible.

Finally, there is the colour of the riser recliner chair upholstery to consider. Alpine HC offer 10 different colours with a mixture of neutral and colorful options to suit a wide range of tastes. Image swatches like the ones below give a good idea of the shade and texture of the material at close range. Ideally though, you need to see what the fabric looks like in a whole chair image to get context. Bear in mind that the colour of your chair will always look slightly different in your home to what it does online or in a showroom because of different lighting.

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Upholstery options

Alpine HC’s range of riser recliner chairs are upholstered in high quality, care-grade materials. There are a number of options to choose from, including fabric or leatherette and 10 varying colours. We take a look at the options below.


The fabric range of upholstery is of extremely high quality and is suitable for high usage environments such as hotels and care homes as well as in the domestic environment. The durability of the fabric has been measured using the Martindale abrasion test (learn more) and is rated at 50,000 cycles/rubs. Standard domestic upholstery is usually rated at 20,000 cycles/rubs, proving the exceptional quality of the fabric used on Alpine HC’s riser recliner chairs.

The longevity of the fabric does not at all detract from comfort or aesthetics, with this range of fabrics providing a soft, plush feel and a neat appearance. The colour options are as follows:

Pebble Riser Recliner Fabric
Ash Riser Recliner Fabric
Teal Riser Recliner Fabric
Berry Riser Recliner Fabric
Plum Riser Recliner Fabric


The leatherette range of upholstery is a selection of high quality, soft-touch faux leathers designed for care environments. Again, like the fabrics, Alpine HC’s leatherette range is extremely durable and has a Martindale abrasion test rating of 100,000 cycles/rubs, 5 times the rating of standard domestic upholstery!

The soft-touch properties of the faux leathers mean they are extremely comfortable and do not mask the compression of the seat padding. One point to bear in mind with leatherettes is that because of the smooth texture, they provide very little friction when the chair is in a raised position, causing the user to slip down the seat. Leatherettes are wipeable, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, making them extremely practical to keep clean. The colour options are as follows:

Ivory Riser Recliner Leather
Cream Riser Recliner Leather
Mink Riser Recliner Leather
Steel Riser Recliner Leather
Carbon Riser Recliner Leather

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