Category: Activity Ideas for the Elderly

Activities for Old People

Welcome to our library of activity ideas for the elderly. Each post in this section details what is required for the activity and instructions for how to play.

The activities encourage social interaction, group participation and personal development amongst older people. The activities are ideal for:
– Care homes
– Day centres
– Community groups

This category will be updated frequently with a new activity idea every month. Keep checking back!

Activity 2: Singing Classes

Singing classes are an excellent way of bringing elderly people people together and gives them a real sense of achievement and participation. Singing classes are best coordinating by a musical carer or an actual...

Activity 1: Ring Toss Quoits

Quoits is a traditional European lawn game and is an excellent game for the elderly, encouraging social interaction and group participation. The game can be played inside or outside and involves casting rope quoit...