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As a nursing home providing a range of amenities for adults with physical disabilities, Douglas House, part of Leonard Cheshire Disability, approached Alpine HC looking for a profiling bed to meet their requirements. The existing beds Douglas House were using were not compliant with bed rail regulations when facilitating deep pressure relieving mattresses and had to be fitted with extension side rails. The extension side rails were cumbersome, unattractive and presented safety issues which required regular inspection.

The nursing staff at Douglas House also found that the beds were difficult to manoeuvre. The castors on the existing beds locked out when the bed was in the lowest position, causing complete immobility and presenting the manager and staff with a serious hazard if evacuation was required in the event of a fire.




  • Making compliance easy – Whilst extension side rails provided compliance when using deep pressure relieving mattresses, they were an inadequate solution as they required regular safety checks and have to be removed when transferring the service user, into and out of the bed, made it awkward and impractical for the nursing staff to use.
  • Ensuring practicality and safety – The immobility of the existing beds when at their lowest point not only made them impractical to use, but also ineffective for use in evacuation procedures.


  • Improving staff productivity and helping to eliminate injury – The extension side rails meant the nursing staff were spending a lot of time carrying out safety checks, removing and refitting the extension side rails, each time a service user had to be transferred into or out of the bed. These time-consuming, tedious tasks, meant the nursing staff were less able to perform their everyday caring duties. A bed that could go low to the ground, whilst maintaining an optimum nursing height, would help to reduce back-strain injury and enable the nursing staff to do the job they love, properly.
  • Enhancing the care environment – A design-led product would bring a unique touch to the home enhancing the care environment, making Douglas House a more pleasant place for not just the residents but also those who work in, and visit the home
  • Fast and efficient delivery and installation – Once approved, the solution had to be actioned swiftly. This would minimise the disruption to the residents of Douglas House and ensure the home could keep running as smoothly as possible.



Alpine HC’s Opera® ProSafe all-in-one profiling bed, with its extra low and high nursing height, eliminates the need to use separate low and standard profiling beds. Coupling this with the fact that the bed accommodates up to a 10” mattress within the medical bed regulatory 220mm, the Opera® ProSafe was the natural choice for this project.

An added benefit of specifying the Opera® ProSafe was the flexibility to choose wood colours that suited the existing Douglas House care environment. Elegant stainless steel bars are fixed to the top of both the head and foot boards providing enhanced design and additional benefits (i.e. when using the bed in conjunction with a mattress pumps). Other valued features of the Opera® ProSafe can be found in the table below.

View the Opera® ProSafe All-in-one Profiling Bed

  • Eliminates the need for separate low profiling and standard profiling beds
  • 4-section profiling
  • Option of Beech, Oak and Walnut wood colour
  • Bespoke wood colour available on request
  • Fully enclosed head and footboard design
  • Lock down side rail feature
  • Accommodates a 10” mattress
  • Anti-entrapment design
  • Locking handset
  • Trendelenburg and Anti-Trendelenburg
  • Side rails can be removed and stored when not required
  • Available in 1200mm wide upon request

Watch the Opera ProSafe in action…



Enquiry and Solution

The Service Manager at Douglas House, Sam Smith, approached Alpine HC to discuss a solution regarding the replacement of existing beds in the home that were proving to be dated and inefficient. The sales team at Alpine HC discussed the specific requirements of Douglas House, and recommended the Opera® Prosafe as an ideal solution to the home’s need for 27 beds.

Quotation, Approval, and Processing

The sales team at Alpine HC provided Douglas House with a detailed quotation, which had to be approved by Leonard Cheshire Disability group management for the project to go ahead. Once approval was granted, Leonard Cheshire Central Services placed the order, which Alpine HC then processed as high priority.

Delivery and Installation

Alpine HC coordinated the full delivery and installation service, delivering the project with care and efficiency. As Douglas House was fully occupied, the installation had to be managed to provide minimal disruption to the service users. Working closely with the team at Douglas House, Alpine HC’s installation engineers were able to smoothly transition Douglas House from the old beds to the Opera® ProSafe, in just 3 days.



Since the delivery and installation of the 27 Opera® ProSafes at Douglas House, the impact has been remarkable. The nursing staff have been delighted by the bed’s quality of build and design features.

When asked for feedback, Sam Smith, the Service Manager, remarked “This bed ticks all the boxes…the staff’s ability to choose their optimum working height is very useful.” The Opera® ProSafe gave Sam and the staff at Douglas House complete peace of mind. The bed’s ease of compliance, effectiveness in evacuation procedures and elimination of extension side rails instilled confidence in the Douglas House team.

When asked about the level of service Alpine HC delivered, Sam was full of positivity, “I have been impressed with the service that we have received. Any questions have been answered in a timely manner. The fantastic team who installed the beds were efficient, tidy, and helpful.”

Opera ProSafe - LCD Douglas House



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