Gentag: Wearable biosensors for patient monitoring could help hospital discharges

Gentag Wearable BiosensorGentag is a developer and producer of wearable biosensors that can be attached to a person’s skin for monitoring purposes. Gentag biosensors are lightweight, flexible and disposable skin patches that can be read by an NFC device or smartphone to obtain information.

The patches are used for a range of applications including health monitoring, fitness tracking and geolocation tracking. Unobtrusive and incredibly powerful, this technology gives us an insight into what the future of patient monitoring could look like.

Monitoring health with Gentag wearable biosensors

The Gentag wearable biosensor technology is primarily used for monitoring health. There are a range of different skin patches each with specific chips designed for monitoring different medical conditions. Some examples that can be used in both personal and provided care include:

  • General wellbeing: A simple biosensor can monitor patient heart rate, temperature, hydration, sweat, blood sugar, lactic acid, electrolytes and other biomarkers. Highlighting irregularities ensure effective remedy.
  • Fever alerting: Gentag fever patches can be used in body area networks to provide temperature readings that alert potential fever without needing to disturb the patient.
  • Diabetes monitoring: The Gentag diabetes patch enables accurate and pain-free measuring of glucose levels. NFC charging means the glucose sensors are battery-less, wireless and extremely small meaning they can be placed anywhere, including under the skin.
  • Skin care: Wearable sensors are ideal for monitoring environmental conditions such as UV exposure, and physiological conditions such as sweat and skin moisture levels.
  • Medication delivery: Gentag’s NFC patch for drug delivery is capable of providing precise, timed dosing for a variety of medications.

How it is hoped this technology will positively impact hospital discharges

Gentag Patient Monitoring

Gentag intend to develop hospital discharge and home monitoring kits for patients.  By empowering patients to monitor themselves, this wearable technology will reduce the length of hospital stays through effective monitoring and help prevent costly readmissions in the future. The patches will give patients confidence to live independently as they know they are being monitored.

Customisable discharge and home monitoring kits for hospitals, care homes, and doctors enable person-centred monitoring for maximum effectiveness. Gentag’s SensorLinker technology serves as a patient’s in-home and mobile sensor hub, integrating information from various wireless sensors and relaying data directly back to the care provider. Encrypting data ensures patient privacy. The future?

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