Hold tight! We’ve set to work on something new and exciting…

New Blog Coming SoonGood day to you reader,

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve set to work on an exciting overhaul of our Positively Caring blog. Even the best things need a refresh now and again and seeing as though the site is now 2 years old, we’ve decided to give it a well deserved makeover.

Improvements we want to implement include:

  • A fresh design that better reflects all of our positive content.
  • New article styles for the care sector.
  • Graphics and visuals for the benefit of care homes and related facilities.
  • More stories from guest authors.

We’d also love to hear improvement ideas from readers like you, and also the articles you’ve most enjoyed on the blog so far. Share your thoughts with us and fellow readers in the comments section below, your contribution will be greatly valued.

All of these exciting developments are going to take us a little while which means content from our authors will slow over the coming weeks. We expect to be able to reveal all in the spring (March to April). Hold tight though, we promise the wait will be worthwhile. Keep checking back!

With best wishes from Dave, on behalf of all the Positively Caring authors.



'Unafraid to aim high, push hard and strive to be the best', Alpine HC's values are ones that Dave feels he aligns well with. Relishing his creative role, Dave defines the way Alpine HC appears to the world. By producing videos, imagery and beautiful design, Dave brings our brand to life.
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