‘A refreshing change from other designs’: People are loving these stylish riser recliners

Riser Recliner Customer Praise

Earlier this year, we launched a new range of riser recliner chairs for care homes and care at home. They weren’t just new for us, they were new for everyone in the care sector thanks to their distinctive designs and contemporary styling.

Care sector publishers and bloggers have welcomed the chairs with enthusiasm, excited by their visual appeal and the refreshing alternative they offer to other riser recliners on the existing market.

Since the range was launched, care operators, carers, users and families have been putting the chairs to the test. Feedback from across care homes, supported living units and private homes has been excellent. The chairs are providing a great option for persons who require mobility assistance but do not want to sacrifice the design-conscious element of their living space/care environment. Let’s take a quick look at the range and some of the feedback we have been getting…

The Alpine HC riser recliner range

5 designs to choose from

There are 5 unique designs in the riser recliner range. Styles range from traditional to modern, but all are contemporary and fashionable. There are also functional differences in the designs: some of the chairs have continuous seats for additional comfort; some have additional lumbar support; and others have winged backrests for posture control.

10 standard upholstery options as well as custom upholstery

As standard, buyers get to choose from 10 upholstery options comprising of 5 fabrics and 5 leatherettes. All upholstery is crib 5 rated and suitable for high-use contract environments such as care homes and hospices. View our upholstery selector guide. We are also able to upholster the chairs in any fabric of your choice on orders of multiple chairs. Care homes with pre-set design schemes and interior designers have been taking advantage of this capability and have been producing some stunning chairs.

Control and motor options

All 5 chair designs are available as a single or dual motor chair. Find out the difference between single and dual motor chairs in this helpful guide: The Difference Between Single and Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chairs. There are also two options for each design in how thc chair is controlled. You can specify armside integral buttons or go with a wired handset and side pocket.

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Feedback from users and carers

8 months on since the range first launched, we have been receiving some great feedback. Here is a sample of what users and carers have been saying:

Talitha Riser ReclinerThis is what I’m talking about! At long last stylish rise and recliner armchairs.
Carer at Me, Myself and Mum Magazine

I couldn’t find any other suppliers who offer fashionable chairs like they do…fantastic, both to look at and to sit in…thank you Alpine for great service and a beautiful product.
Google Review by Paul Rollison

The Alpine Situla chair has been such a success for us. We would now like to get more chairs for the rest of the home.

The chair was delivered yesterday and we are delighted with it…an amazing product and service, we are very impressed.
Purchaser for Private Home

Applauded by the sector

In recent months, publishers from across the care sector have been noticing the new chairs and recommending them to readers. Publishers include:

   Thiis   Independent Living   AT Today

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