Extension Side Rails

Most full replacement alternating pressure mattresses are 7" or deeper. When you consider that most profiling beds don’t comply with bed rail regulations when accommodating these mattresses, it seems strange that the sector's response has been to issue extension side rails as a quick fix to satisfy the regulations. These extension rails are designed to ensure resident safety and satisfy bed rail regulations whilst patient care remains unhindered, but are they actually the right solution?

In reality, we know that extension side rails can represent a serious safety risk and require regular checks. Their cumbersome design is frustating to carers and is not conducive to creating a homely atmosphere. A lack of innovation in the care equipment marketplace has resulted in a temporary fix, which, in all likelihood, is going to be a long-term issue.

As a care bed manufacturer, we've taken a step back from this issue and asked, ‘why do we even need extension side rails?’ So we've developed a range of profiling beds that completely remove the need for extension side rails...

Extension Side Rails

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