Hospital Beds for Home

What is a hospital bed for home use?

Hospital beds for home use are designed to provide mobility and orthopedic support for elderly and disabled individuals and their carers. The electric hospital style beds on sale below have two key functions: some are height adjustable to ease access and assist the carer in nursing the user; and all have an adjustable mattress platform to enable the user to reposition themselves. The adjustable platform has a backrest and legrest section, both can be raised and lowered by the user in the bed.

A hospital bed for the elderly and less able is often a vital part of being able to be for cared for at home. It is important the bed meets all needs of the user and you should seek advice from your doctor, occupational therapist or one of our equipment advisers.

How to get a bed when coming out of hospital

If you are coming out of hospital and require signifant mobility support and nursing care, you will not be discharged to come home until a bed is in place. In some cases, your local council or NHS trust may be able to provide you with a temporary bed or funding to buy one yourself. However, if the authorities will not provide you with a bed you will need to purchase one yourself. This is where we can help you.

We have an encompassing range of electric hospital beds that have been designed and styled for the home environment. Whatever the medical needs of the patient, our advisers will be able to answer any questions you have and specify the best possible solution for care at home. For users with relative mobility, an upholstered adjustable bed may be suitable, whereas for users with highly restricted mobility and nursing needs, a height adjustable profiling bed will be necessary.

Useful resources

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