Hospital Profiling Bed Hire Rental Service

We provide a professional hire rental service for care units and private homes on a range of hospital profiling beds and air flow mattresses. Hire rental is an excellent alternative to buying equipment outright, providing a solution for short term needs and limited budgets. The information below is relevant to private individuals hiring profiling beds for their own home. For trade enquiries, please contact us for pricing and details.

Hospital Bed Hire Service

Hire rental of care beds and mattresses is where you pay to have equipment in your care environment on a weekly basis. Once you have finished using the equipment, you can end the hire period, your equipment will be collected, and you will stop paying the weekly charges.

Equipment available for hire

  • Home Care Hospital Beds
  • Care Home Profiling Beds
  • Alternating Pressure Air Mattresses

Uses for hire rental

  • Limited need such as a short-term illness
  • Equipment required for temporary accommodation
  • Interim solution whilst waiting for an authority provided bed
  • Hotels accomodating disabled guests
  • Equipment needed for holidays (Alpine HC install into static caravans and holiday homes)

The benefits of hire rental with Alpine HC

  • UK-wide delivery/installation and collection/de-installation within 2-5 working days
  • The bed and/or mattress becomes yours after 12 weeks of continuous hire (optional)
  • Package pricing includes installation and collection
  • Network of 40+ UK engineers

Things you need to know

  • Installation and de-installation is included in package pricing
  • De-contamination charges apply to air-flow mattresses
  • The minimum hire period is 4 weeks
  • Static foam pressure mattress are not available for hire due to infection control
  • Static foam pressure mattresses are available for purchase from £179
  • The bed or mattress becomes yours after 12 weeks of continuous hire (optional)

Call us on 01482 210021 to discuss hire options and request a full quotation.

Opera Eco Hospital Hire Bed

Hire Rental Package Pricing

We offer hire packages on our full Opera range of hospital profiling beds. Hospital profiling beds are height adjustable beds with an adjustable mattress platform and are electrically operated using a remote handset. In the pricing section below are some examples from our range of hire hospital beds.

View Alpine HC's full range of hospital home-care beds

Weekly Charges

The pricing chart shown below only contains a limited number of beds from our hire rental to give you an idea of weekly charges. If you require hire rental on a bed not shown below, please contact us.

Example Hire Packages (Includes Install and Collection)Weekly Charge (Weeks 1 - 4)Weekly Charge (Weeks 5-12)
Opera Eco Hospital Profiling Bed c/w Side Rails£150/week£75/week
Opera Classic Low Hospital Profiling Bed£165/week£90/week
Opera ProSafe All-in-one Hospital Profiling Bed£200/week£125/week
Prolixus Extra Wide Hospital Profiling Bed c/w Side Rails£330/week£255/week


Installation and Collection

Hospital bed hire packages with Alpine HC include delivery, installation, collection and de-installation. The package pricing also includes inspection and cleaning at our main distribution centre.

The hire rental service is not available for Northern Ireland and the majority of off-shore/remote locations. 

Do you need a mattress?

If you are hiring a hospital bed, you will likely need a profiling pressure mattress to go with it. Here are the options...

Static foam pressure mattresses

Static and hybrid pressure relief mattresses are not available for hire due to infection control. These are available for purchase from £179 and can be viewed in our online pressure care mattress section.

View static foam pressure relief mattresses available for purchase

Alternating air pressure mattresses

Alternating pressure mattresses are available for weekly hire from £90/week. Contact us to discuss the options.

View the air mattress range

Call us on 01482 210021 to discuss hire rental and request a full quotation.