Opera® Eclipse Air Mattress System Specifications

Metric Imperial
Treatment Risk Category High/Very High Risk
Maximum User Weight 200kg 31st 6lb
Adjustable Cycle Time
Alternating Pressure Therapy Yes
Constant Low Pressure Therapy Yes
Auto-weighing Technology Yes
Adjustable Comfort Firmness Setting Yes
Max. Inflate for Patient Transfers
Upright Mode for Comfort while Seated
Panel Lock to Prevent Tampering
Extra Low Noise Pump Yes
Number of Air Cells 19 (3 static in head zone)
Air Cell Depth 180mm 7”
Base Foam Depth 50mm 2”
Micro Vented Air Cells for Optimal Moisture and Temperature Regulation Yes
CPR Rapid Deflate Yes
Cover Fabric Type Multi-stretch
Vapour-permeable Cover Yes
Antimicrobial Cover Yes
Machine Washable Cover Yes (max. 70°)
Seam Type Sewn
Zipped 4 sides with fluid ingress prevention zip overlaps
Depth 230mm 9”
Length 2000mm 78¾”
Width 900mm 35½”
Weight 5kg 11lb
Warranty 2 year

Opera® Eclipse Air Mattress System


The Opera® Eclipse Full Replacement Mattress System is a high to very high risk full replacement mattress system with a 200kg (31st) maximum user weight. It uses a premium PU water resistant cover to offer exceptional user comfort and reduce skin shear. The Eclipse Full Replacement Mattress System is a very cost effective solution for pressure care at high to very high risk.

Price: £895.00 with VAT Relief Price: £1,074.00 inc. VAT
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Manufactured with the user in mind

Manufactured with the user in mind
  • Antimicrobial and Dust Mite Cover technologies ensure resistance to MRSA, fungal growth and house dust mites
  • The Vapour Permeable Cover is allows for breathability which reduces body heat retention to help skin integrity
  • End Carry Handles allow the mattress to be transported between surfaces even while lay upon

  • 3 Static Cell Head Section ensures comfort when using Alternating Therapy
  • Mattress Retention Straps make fitting easy, fast and secure

A pump that is easy-to-use and super quiet

A pump that is easy-to-use and super quiet
  • Constant Low Pressure Therapy allows pressure to be redistributed through the mattress
  • Alternating Therapy will provide traditional air mattress therapy whereby alternate cells will inflate to maximum pressure
  • Auto-weighing Technology with adjustment for comfort simplifies the nursing processes
  • Alert notifies carers when pressure drops in the mattress system
  • Mutable Alarm means when pressure drops in a controlled situation the alarm can be silenced

Simple storage

Simple Storage

Emergency connect

Emergency connect
CPR Rip Cord

CPR Rip Cord