Pressure Care Mattresses

What is a pressure care mattress?

Pressure care mattresses are specially constructed to relieve pressure from the skin of the mattress user. They are an essential part of a care plan for a patient who is at risk or has already developed pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers (also known as bed sores) result from sustained pressure applied to the skin, often occurring when a person spends long periods of time in the same position. Individuals most at risk of developing sores are those with restricted mobility and/or poor skin integrity. To find out more about pressure ulcers, view our guide: The Complete Guide to Pressure Ulcers.

Depending on how at risk or the severity of the user's pressure ulcer/s, there are different types of support surfaces designed to accomodate varying care needs.

The different types of pressure mattresses

Static Foam Pressure Mattress

Static (Foam)

Static mattresses are comprised of one or multiple specilaist foams that relieve pressure from the mattress user's skin. Lying surface castellations and internal air pockets provide additional pressure relief. Static mattresses are used to prevent pressure ulcers rather than treat them, and require the patient to be mobile or repositioned regularly on the mattress surface.

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Alternating Air Pressure Mattress

Alternating (Air)

Alternating pressure mattresses are made up of a row of air cells that alternate to relieve pressure. Whilst every other celll is inflated to support the user, the other cells are deflated to ensure zero contact on the user's skin. The cells then alternate to redistribute pressure. Airflow mattresses are used to help treat developed sores and are used with highly immobile patients.

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Hybrid Pressure Mattress

Hybrid (Combination)

Hybrid mattresses are a combination of both air and foam technologies. This is usually in the form or a row of air cells inset into the body of a foam mattress. The foams maintain high levels of comfort whilst the air cells provide advanced pressure relief. Hybrid mattresses are used for users at high risk of developing pressure ulcers and who have severley restricted mobility.

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The majority of mattresses in our pressure care range are fully profiling and are all compatible with our Opera® range of profiling beds. For further help on selecting the correct pressure care mattress, view our comprehensive buying guide.

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