Opera® Synergy Hybrid Pressure Mattress

Opera® Synergy Hybrid Pressure Mattress

The Opera® Synergy is an innovative non-powered hybrid mattress system that combines the high levels of comfort and support found in static foam mattresses with the advanced pressure distribution found in air flow mattresses.

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The Opera® Synergy Hybrid Profiling Mattress combines static and active mattress technologies to provide pressure relief and high levels of user comfort. The system epitomises the definition of synergy; the interaction of elements (air and foam) that when combined produce a greater result than the sum of the individual elements.

The Opera® Synergy uses a self-adjusting air cell technology that responds to user body movement to effectively redistribute pressure exerted on the mattress. The cells use exposed air valves to naturally inhale and exhale air from the mattress body. A 2-inch castellated CMHR foam provides the lying surface of the Opera® Synergy. The surface is formed from a grid of 240 individually semi-rounded nodes that envelop the user, resulting in advanced pressure relief and superior comfort.

The Opera® Synergy is tapered down at the foot end of the mattress. This results in the user's thighs taking most of their leg weight, spreading the pressure over a greater area of skin and reducing pressure and shear on the vulnerable heel skin.

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The self-adjusting air cells in the Opera® Synergy mattress system are non-powered. This removes the need for a pump unit, thus eliminating comfort complaints arising from pump noise. The Synergy's ability to function without powered components or pump mechanisms also greatly reduces maintenance issues.Securing straps ensure the Opera® Synergy can be secured to a profiling bed base. Handling loops ease patient transfer and emergency evacuation.

The innovative self-adjusting air cell technology contained within the Opera® Synergy mattress responds to user body movement to effectively redistribute pressure. This requires either: the user to be semi-active and able to move on the mattress; or patient care includes a turning plan.

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Additional Information

  • Self-adjusting cell technology for non-powered pressure care offering the comfort of a static-foam mattress with the low pressure of a dynamic air flow mattress
  • Silent operation and maintenance free due to no need for a pump
  • Layered premium grade foams with firm support edges for user transfers
  • Multi-stretch, waterproof and vapour-permeable cover with anti-decubitus coating
  • Audit box and cleaning instructions printed on to the cover
  • High-frequency welded seams with fluid ingress prevention flap over zip on four sides
  • Wipe-clean cover, impregnated with antimicrobial agent in the fabric coating
  • Resistant to bacterial growth, including fungal growth
Product CodeMAM019
Mattress Depth222mm (Foot end tapers down to 145mm)
Dimensions2000mm (L) x 900mm (W)
Warranty5 years
Maximum User Weight270kg (42.5st)
Risk CategoryVery High Risk (Grade 4/5)
Mattress Weight15kg

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