Profiling Beds

What is a profiling bed?

Profiling beds are an electric care bed used in care homes and care at home to assist elderly and disabled users with mobility and their carers with nursing. Profile beds get their name from the profiling mattress platform that allows the user to raise the backrest to sit up in bed and raise the footrest/knee-break to elevate their legs.

Profiling beds are also fully height adjustable and some models have a lilting function called Trendelenburg. All functions are operated electrically through a wired handset which can be clipped on to the side of the bed. Profiling beds also have side rails either side of the mattress platform that can be raised and lowered to help prevent falls from the bed.

The different types of profiling beds

Standard height

Standard height profiling beds are the most common type of profiling bed. In their lowest position, they are around 40cm from the floor which is a similar height to a normal divan bed. When raised to their highest position they are around 80cm from the floor, the height of a carer’s waist level to facilitate nursing the user on the bed.

Low height

Low height profiling beds can be lowered much closer to the floor, around 20cm away. This creates a safe sleeping height when side rails are not suitable for users and also offers more flexibility when getting in and out of the bed. However, low profiling beds can only be raised to around 60cm high meaning a carer would have to bend over the bed to nurse the patient.

All-in-one height

All-in-one-height profiling beds are low and standard height beds combined into one bed, hence the name. They have an extensive height range of around 20cm – 80cm which mean users get the benefits of a low sleeping/access height as well as a high nursing height.


Wide profiling beds are typically around 4ft wide and are ideal for users who require additional room when in the bed. A 4ft wide bed is classed as an extra wide single bed or small double bed.

Stand assist

Stand assist beds are cleverly engineered to enable the user to reach a standing position from the bed without the help of a carer/assistant. They maintain all the key characteristics of a profiling bed but their mattress platform also adjusts into a position that makes getting up from the bed much easier. The most common stand assist bed is the rotating chair version which is where the mattress platform rotates 90 degrees and forms a chair facing out from the bed.

Also known as...

  • Profile beds
  • Care beds
  • Nursing beds
  • Medical beds
  • Disability beds
  • Dementia beds
  • Community beds
  • Care home beds
  • Home care beds
  • Height adjustable beds
  • High low beds
  • Beds with side rails

Why choose an Opera® profiling bed

Developed and manufactured by Alpine HC, Opera® profiling beds are well known across the care sector for balancing attractive design with advanced clinical features and first-rate build quality. Here are some reasons why carers and care operators choose Opera® profiling beds:

  • Extensive height ranges to accommodate varying care needs.
  • Side rails remain effective/compliant when the beds are used with deep air-flow mattresses.
  • Elegant and customisable designs for design-conscious buyers and interior designers.
  • A choice of wood colours from stock and 200+ colour options for bespoke orders.
  • 3-5 year parts and labour warranties backed by Alpine HC’s product support team.