Opera® ProSafe Video

The Opera® ProSafe is the flagship bed from the Opera® range. Its extra low height and high nursing height makes the bed an all-in-one bed, eliminating the need to use low profiling and standard profiling beds separately. Its stylish design incorporates curved head and footboards and Stainless Steel support handles. The Opera® ProSafe comes in a choice of wood colours as standard, including Beech, Oak and Walnut. The bed is also available in any wood colour you like, giving great flexibility for interior design and new projects. The Opera® ProSafe comes complete with integral side rails, and accommodates up to a 10” mattress, allowing the bed to be used with deep airflow mattresses and comply with the BS EN 60601-2-52:2010 medical beds standard.

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Video Transcript

A ground-breaking product is defined by its innovation, versatility, uniqueness and its ability to break convention. Meet the Opera® Prosafe.

Working directly with carers and care operators, we have developed the Opera® ProSafe, a unique bed that breaks conventions, challenging the profiling bed market, incorporating enhanced design, safety and durability.

Based on our market research, a key issue identified with profiling beds is that standard height adjustable beds don’t go low enough, whilst low beds don’t go high enough. The Opera® ProSafe all-in-one bed helps to reduce and eliminate back injuries and sick leave, due to its nursing height of 70cm, whilst providing a market leading all-in-one low bed, at just 18cm. Further to this, Opera® ProSafe has been designed in such a way to give unrestricted hoist access.

Fatalities resulting from entrapment are traumatic experiences, for the business and the individuals involved. The Opera® ProSafe bed helps to eliminate the risk of entrapment and ensures the user is completely safe. The lock down side rail feature, means the side rails can be locked down out of the way. Alternatively the rails can be removed completely, where they present a risk.

Historically profiling beds have been used with extra high extension side rails for mattresses above 6 inches deep. They are cumbersome, awkward and create a claustrophobic environment for the user. Extension side rails also cause additional expense and require regular safety inspections.

With the Opera® ProSafe, we have given you the ability to use a mattress of up to 10 inches deep, whilst still maintaining the minimum requirement of 220mm clearance from the top of the mattress, to the top of the side rails.

The newton test measures the strength of the bed side rails. The cone tool simulates a limb being thrust between them. The side rails must withstand a sideways force of 250 Newton Metres to pass the test.

In the development of the Opera® ProSafe we have been uncompromising in bringing a level of design and durability previously unseen at its price point. The premium bed construction is exemplified in the solid-wood head and footboards, crafted with soft rounded corners and elegant stainless steel bars. This gives the Opera® ProSafe superior durability, which we confidently back with our 3-year warranty.

Care homes are becoming more and more like hotels, with quality interiors, and residents requiring a luxury care experience. The Opera® ProSafe is available in beech, oak and walnut wood colours from stock, with access to over 200 wood colours for bespoke projects, including matching bedroom furniture. This allows the user to embrace their individuality, creating a calm, peaceful and caring environment.

Creating products that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing has always been our goal. Through market research and innovative development the Opera® ProSafe is breaking conventions with its all-in-one capabilities, leading safety features and unparalleled versatility in both appearance and functionality.