Riser Recliner Chairs

What is a riser recliner chair?

Riser recliner chairs are electric mobility armchairs for the elderly and less able that recline for comfort and rise to help the user to stand. The recline and rise functions are operated electrically through a wired handset control that can be magnetically attached to the side of the chair.

In developing our range of riser recliner chairs, we have strived to create designs that are stylish and fashionable, a refeshing change from the majority of conventional mobility chairs. The range includes a balance of contemporary and classic styles and all of our chairs can be upholstered in 5 fabric colours or 5 leather colours.


Choosing your riser recliner chair

There are 5 riser recliner chair designs to choose from. Each deisgn is available as either a single motor or dual motor chair.

Single motor

A single motor riser recliner chair has one motor that performs all of the rise and recline functions. The motor is controlled through a single set of buttons. One button takes the chair from a reclined position right through to a raised position whilst the other button does the same sequence in reverse.

Dual motor

A dual motor chair has two motors and is controlled through two sets of buttons. One set operates the motor that raises and lowers the whole chair and legrest, whilst the other set operates the motor that reclines and raises the backrest. This means the user can recline the backrest independently of all other functions which enables more sitting/lying positions and also the backrest reclines further as one motor arm is dedicated to it.

For more information on the difference between single and dual motor chairs, please view our helpful guide.


All of our riser recliner chairs are upholstered in a choice of woven fabric or faux leather. The materials both have a soft-touch, supple texture and exceed stringent fire and durability requirements ensuring they are suitable for use in domestic homes, retirement villages, and care homes. There is a choice of 5 colours for each material type on all of our upholstered electric chairs. For more information, view our selector guide.

For bespoke orders for interior design schemes and fit-out projects, customers are able to supply their own material or choose from our extensive range of custom upholstery fabrics, which includes hundreds of colourways and patterns.

Measuring up

The size of a riser recliner chair and how well it fits the user is perhaps the most important consideration when looking to purchase. There are a lot of measurements to consider aside from just the overall dimensions. These include the measurements of the backrest, seat height from floor, and the arm height. Ensuring the perfect fit is totally achievable if you assess comprehensive chair dimensions against the user’s body sizing and/or a comparable chair they currently use.

Each riser recliner on our website has a detailed description and a comprehensive set of measurements. Make sure you consider these before purchasing your chair and use the following measuring guide to verify the chair's suitability to the user: Riser Recliner Measurement Guide.

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