Poor Quality Sling with Faded Label

Every year, hundreds of patient handling slings in care homes across the UK are condemned after failing LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) tests. There are a lot of slings that are condemned, despite being perfectly safe for use. The reason? Sling specification labels fade in the wash.

As the manufacturer of the Mouva range of patient handling slings, Alpine HC has developed a new sling range that solves the faded label problem. Rather than ink-printed, all specification labels on Mouva slings are now fully embroidered. The stitching ensures important details on the label never wash out and the serial number of each Mouva sling is laser-etched onto the label so that if the stitching ever became damaged, the details of the sling could be recovered using the serial number.

The Mouva range also addresses other common quality concerns with features such as triple-stiched lifting straps and British-made quality control. More information below...

Mouva Sling Range

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