Synergy Hybrid Pressure Mattress Video

The Synergy is a hybrid pressure mattress system that combines air and foam through an innovative, non-powered self-adjusting technology to provide superior pressure relief. Air-foam cells inset into the mattress readjust according to the mattress user's body movement, enabling intelligent pressure care. Additional advanced features such as a 240 foam-node surface and heel zone pressure relief make the Synergy an exciting first in a roll out of hybrid mattresses.

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Video Transcript

Introducing the Synergy, a non-powered hybrid profiling mattress that redistributes pressure by combining an innovative self-adjusting cell technology with a high-grade pressure care foam surface. This hybrid technology minimises the build up of interface pressure in vulnerable body contact zones.

240 soft foam nodes reduce peak interface pressures, coupled with a sloping heel section that relieves the pressure from this very vulnerable area.

The self-adjusting cell technology responds to the shape and movement of the user's body by allowing air to flow between the interconnected cells. Because of this, the Synergy is best-suited for users who are semi-active and can re-position themselves.

Because the Synergy is non-powered, it doesn't require the regular maintenance of its air mattress counterparts and isn't affected by power failures. It is also silent, giving enhanced user comfort and overcoming a common complaint with air mattresses.

The cover is durable, easy to clean and is made of a high-quality two-way stretch vapour-permeable material with welded seams that provide fluid ingress protection. The mattress has handling loops that make moving and evacuation easy. buckled straps are used to secure the mattress to the bed base.

The Synergy receives excellent feedback, with users commenting on the mattress comfort, support and pressure redistribution qualities.